Glitter lips

This brand new, innovative product will revolutionise lip colour as you know it. With an unbelievable staying power – one application can last up to 8 hours – you will be bowled over by its colour, shine and durability. The entire GLITTER LIPS range is waterproof and smudge proof.

You can drink, kiss and generally party without losing any of your sparkle. GLITTER LIPS has amazing staying power. Don’t believe it, try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and by the way, prepare for an enormous amount of attention when you wear a GLITTER LIPS shade…… you have been warned!

Each unit comes with an applicator, a Glitter Lips gloss bond and a premium glitter shade. With approx. 25 applications per box, this is one party must-have you cannot do without.

With all the recent news and media coverage on cosmetic products, please be assured that all our products have been tested and meet Cosmetic Safety Assessments, as well as UK and EU Legislation. Please be aware of imitations, you only get one face.

Beautiful Brows

For too long our eyebrows have been overlooked or over plucked. Our Beautiful Brows Kit contains all your eyebrow essentials immaculately presented in an exclusive mirrored refillable compact totally unique to Beautiful Brows. Not only can you insert refills of your favorite shade you can also easily remove them to fit in the tiniest purse, pocket or bag!

Each compact contains an the following:

  • Eyebrow powder
  • Three eyebrow shapes
  • Duo applicator brush
  • Eyebrow highlighter
  • Highlighter brush
  • Soft grip tweezers
  • Magnifying mirror

Wearing perfectly shaped eyebrows is no longer just for celebrities with their teams of make-up artists, nor does it involve weeks of expensive or invasive treatments. Go for the look you desire – be it contemporary chic or sophisticated classic.

Our brow stencils are fuss-free and take seconds to work with. Our brow stencils come in three different shapes – Sleek, Natural and Bold and are guaranteed to suit almost everyone’s individual style.

Women globally, not only love to talk about how Beautiful Brows has changed their face and eyebrows, but also changed their lives.